Explore the big questions of life.

Everyone is searching, but far too often we don’t have a space to ask the real, honest, and raw questions that we have about life and faith. Alpha is a 9-week series that dives into relevant topics like: What is my purpose? Is there a God? Who is Jesus? If you are questioning or feeling spiritually dry, join a relaxed, non-judgmental environment where it’s okay (and expected!) to simply be yourself.

Next Alpha is starting October 3!

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Alpha is for everyone who is willing to have an honest conversation. If you are simply curious about faith or are a church-goer looking for a spiritual reset, Alpha is for you. No matter your background, history, or beliefs, you are welcome.


Join us for dinner and a time to get to know other people in a fun, relaxed way.

Each Alpha features a 20-min. video designed to inspire more questions than provide answers. The short films explore issues like: Is there more to life than this? Who is Jesus? How can we have faith?

The most important part of the night is when we break into discussion groups where you can share your thoughts about faith and life and hear from others in your group. You can feel free to say whatever you like or as little as you like–it’s up to you.


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There are many ways to serve with Alpha such as hospitality, prayer, small group hosts or tech/production. Unsure of where you want to serve? We'd love to find a spot for you!

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