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Waiting for Rescue

by Petey Crowder, Senior Pastor
November 24, 2020

Are you very good at waiting? I’m not. One of the by-products of our COVID world is that shipping times have been delayed, and boy, when you’re used to getting things in forty-eight hours, an extra day or two feels like an eternity! Of course, waiting on a package to show up is quite trivial in the midst of what many are experiencing and waiting for in our world today, but it is a small reminder that waiting is part of life.

In ancient Israel, God’s people were waiting on a rescuer. Their waiting was not passive, wishful thinking; it was active, prayerful, engaged waiting that helped them imagine the difference their rescuer would bring. Advent is the stretch of weeks leading up to Christmas, marked out on the historic church calendar to remind us this time is different. This is waiting time. And this Advent season, we want to take a slow journey through the story the Gospel of Luke tells of the way people actively waited for the rescuer. In our “Journey to the Manger” series, we’ll discover the way Jesus fulfills our longings, meets us in our hopes and hurts, and becomes the ultimate gift for our weary, waiting world.

We come back to Advent and Christmas each year to remind us that while our waiting ebbs and flows, Jesus is always near, calling us to actively engage with Him in the ups and downs of life. I hope that this Christmas season is a refreshing reminder that Jesus alone is our hope, and that He has never been closer. May His joy and peace meet you right where you are.