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The Story of Scripture

by Petey Crowder, Executive Pastor
October 7, 2019

In our worship services now through Easter, we will be following the arc of Scripture, spending time in different parts of the Bible so that we have a biblical foundation and understanding for living as Christ followers in the world. Our desire is to prepare for and live into the future of CPC, so that we can pay attention to God’s invitation and calling on our lives.

We receive all kinds of messages about what life is about, and we believe Scripture has its own message to share. The central story of Scripture is God’s relationship with His creation; it is the story of the Creator’s love for and pursuit of the created. The Bible shows us that in the beginning, God creates humans in the Garden of Eden for relationship with Him; and in the end, God dwells with His people in uninhibited glory. Through the arc of this great rescue plan, we witness how God is on the move!

Scripture is not static information or a history book, but God’s voice entering into human history to take divine and decisive action in both word and deed. In fact, it requires God’s action because He’s the only one who can remedy the problem the Bible is trying to solve—our brokenness and need for a Savior. The aim of Scripture is to transform the lives of humans, bringing them out of disastrous self-rule and under the gracious rule of God.

God provides a way for humans to meaningfully participate in His transformative purpose: it’s Scripture. Through our knowledge and understanding of the Word, God works to make us a countercultural people for His sake. God’s desire has always been to have a people who reflect His character and purpose in the world, which leads to a community of the Word. The Word of God has a people; the people of God have the Word.

Join us this fall as we see how God moves throughout the Old Testament and as we seek to know how God wants to work in our lives and world today.