Sunday Communities

A chance to build community with people of similar interests or life stages

At 10:00AM on Sundays, September-May, explore one of our communities that meet between worship services during Community@10.


Check out our summer opportunities here.


Room 20

Credo is an intergenerational community that enjoys learning together and exploring questions about faith and life. Our meetings start with fellowship, followed by a time for teaching and robust discussion. We also care for one another through prayer.

Contacts:  Karen Draayer & Jane Sundberg


Balcony Room 201/202

The young adults community is a place to find a smaller community of people in your stage of life. Come enjoy donuts and coffee and hang out with other young adults while diving a little bit deeper into faith. No need to come prepared with anything, just bring yourself! This fall, we’ll explore the Beatitudes from Matthew 5.

See the study guide

Contact: Matt Ferris

Millennial Couples

Fireside Room

E3 is a group of engaged and married millennial couples with a few cute kids in the mix. Our group enjoys food and time together on Sunday mornings, around the cities, and at each other’s homes. We connect through faith and community as we walk through life’s seasons together. 

We are meeting together with Catalyst this spring.

Contacts: Claire Kellner & Krista Taylor

Couples with Young Kids

Fireside Room

Catalyst is a group of married couples pursuing Jesus and authentically sharing life together. We are committed to prayerfully encouraging each other in marriage, work, parenting young children, and other life challenges.

We are meeting together with E3 this spring.

Contact: Jamie Holm at 612.990.9584

40s-Early 60s

Room 10 (Lower Level)

S.A.L.T. (Sharing and Learning Together) is a diverse group, mostly in their late 40s to early 60s. Some of us are single, some married, some with kids at home, some with grown children and some with only the furry kind of babies —everyone is welcome! Come join us for Bible study, lively discussion, laughter, prayer, and community-building.

Contacts: Meg Garrett & Tom Prohofsky

Late 50s+

Fellowship Hall Center (Lower Level)

A.C.T.S. (Affirming Community Trusting the Savior) is a supportive, informal community of members in their 50s and beyond. The community includes a comfortable mix of members; singles and marrieds, retired and still working. We have lively discussions between people with advanced knowledge of Scripture, those new to the Bible, and everywhere in between.

Contacts: Dean and Judie Hoppe at 952.913.3135 or Sally and Rob Lund at 952.929.8446


Room 116

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life more abundantly.” Join us in MORE, a delightful community of active retired people wanting the “more” Jesus promised. Our time together is led by excellent teachers who will present Bible studies as well as engaging topics.

Contact: Peter & Ginny Van de Water; 716.433.4550