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Staff Spotlight: Deb

FAMILY: husband, Jon; sons Anders (18), Peter (17), and Jonas (13)
HOBBIES: Walking every morning and scrapbooking
FAVORITE RECENT READ: Formed for the Glory of God by Kyle Strobel
GUILTY PLEASURE: coffee, chocolate, staying up late with a book

Tell us about how you came to work at CPC.

I had been at home for twelve years with my boys, and I had begun praying about returning to work, wondering what could be next, praying that I could find something flexible for my family. I heard that there was a spot open at Pathway, so I went online but the position wasn’t listed. There was a position in Adult Ministries, however, and I thought, This job is made for me. It was a job that supported all the ministries that I had volunteered in as a lay person—Mom’s Morning, Sunday Communities, and small groups. I felt that I truly was prepared for this role because of my involvement, and I was excited to be able to work in a place that I had come to love as my home church. This job just felt perfect.

Describe your current role as Discipleship Program Associate.

I’ve really enjoyed my recent work putting together discipleship resources for small groups or any individual who wants to use it. Our discipleship team decided we wanted to invest in the groups that are established here at CPC and help them understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We recognize that growing in relationship with Jesus requires intentionality. Our goal is to offer resources that will help groups move forward in a purposeful way. That’s been the biggest investment of time for me.

I also support our Sunday Communities and classes, and I coordinate CPC’s small groups. This means that I help connect interested people to small groups here at CPC and act as a resource to small group leaders—figuring out study recommendations and offering tools for leading groups. I would LOVE to see new groups starting, so if anyone has an interest, please reach out to me! (

What has God has been teaching you lately?

I think that over the last few years I have been resting in His grace and worrying less about other people’s approval or the circumstances of my life. I’m simply learning to rest in Him.

I thought I was so wise fifteen years ago. But now I look back and think, “Who is that person?” I’ve discovered that the closer I get to God, the more I realize how much I need Him. God is wanting to prune me in more ways than I could even imagine. He is so gracious to reveal what I need to know right now, what I need to see. I’m recognizing where I have pride, where I’m not extending grace. I am beginning to see how much Jesus has done for me and how much more I need to depend on Him.

Deb serves as Discipleship Program Associate. She has been on staff since 2012.