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Dare to Share

Telling how Jesus’ story changed our story requires vulnerability.

Jesus always pointed people to who He was—sometimes directly, but often in stories. When we know other people’s stories, we are able to connect the bigger story of Jesus to their life through talking about our own.

Emi’s Story

I think God opens doors for us to share the Gospel. It might be through our actions or through words and phrases we use, and sometimes He lets us take the whole bag out and put it on the table. It depends on the circumstances. But I feel that through all the moves I’ve done through work (ten states so far), all the relocations, God has put at least one person in my life that I was able to fully share the Gospel with—to say this is Christ, this is what God has done for me, this is what we can do to respond.

I work in construction, and it isn’t the easiest industry to work in—lots of moving, especially in the industrial sector. People work weekends, they travel a lot. It’s hard to have family life or even a church life. But when the time comes to share, God makes it clear: Look, no one’s around. Or, we’ve got two hours to spare, we can talk. Can you give me a ride home? Sure, that will take an hour and a half. We’ll be trapped in this vehicle, and we’ll have a lot to talk about! But a relationship was built first, and then we had the time to talk. I remember that it’s not me doing the conversion—I am just putting down a seed, and God will do the planting and make it grow.

Scripture that has stuck with me is that we are called to be God’s disciples, to spread the love of God. And it is by THIS that they know you are my disciples: if you love one another (John 13:35). That’s a commandment that Jesus gives us, and it still governs my faith story and my growth.