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Staff Spotlight: Courtney

FAMILY: husband, Josh (married 13 years); son, Harrison (9), daughter, Evelyn (8)
HOBBIES: cooking, shopping,decorating, creative house projects, and drinking coffee
FAVORITE BOOK: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
GUILTY PLEASURE: chips, french fries, salty fried food

What are some of the key things you do for CPC?

I work with David Peterson and Mara Amiot on the Finance Team. I help keep all the details in line and everyone moving in the same direction. I’m passionate about details and holding people accountable, because not everyone’s gifts are in the details! But if you don’t have that balance, it’s easy for people to get off track or off budget or have bills accidentally go unpaid.

How long have you been at CPC?

It will be four years in January. I worked with David’s wife at a preschool, and she noticed that I was writing down specific nap times, and I mentioned my finance background. So she got my resume and sent it over to David. It felt like a “God moment,” finding this job and being able to work part-time here.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that two plus two always equals four—because life doesn’t always make sense, but math does! I’m a people-person, so I can help people with their timecard or other things that feel annoying for most people. I love being able to make things easier or smoother for them, answer their questions, and help problem-solve.

What has God been teaching you lately?

Brave has been a word that He’s brought to me a lot this year. I’ve been reading Scriptures about being brave, and it’s everywhere at Hobby Lobby! I’m realizing that being brave doesn’t mean I have all the answers or that I’m perfect at anything. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what other people think about me—the person I want to please and impress is God. So instead of caring about if I fail, God’s just been challenging me to choose brave. After being hospitalized recently, I just really felt like God laid it on my heart to do a social media post about it to thank all the people who had helped us, but also to challenge people who aren’t engaged in a church community to find one. I know there are people in my world who maybe have been burned by the church or who don’t even believe in God, but the idea of community might be really enticing to them. And I thought, I don’t want to write that. But I really felt like God wanted me to. So I was brave, and I put it out there. I’ve had a lot of people say it ministered to them, but I don’t know if anyone went to church because of it. That was just one small thing. I really want to be brave in every area of my life and to encourage my kids to do the same: just try, even if you fail, and try again.

What does “Jesus the King” bring to mind for you?

It makes me remember that I’m called, chosen, and anchored in Him. That because He is the King, I’m empowered to go out and do His work. I don’t have to prove anything, I can just go out and be who He created me to be.

Courtney serves as finance associate.