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Becky’s Story

Tell us a little bit about your faith journey.

I grew up in a family that definitely believed in God, but I felt we went to church mostly because my mom was the church organist. Church was our second home, but we actually knew the hymnals better than we knew the Bible. I thought about Jesus, but I didn’t know I should seek a relationship with Him. I went through my early adulthood drifting a little bit. Then when we had our first child, like many people, we went back to church. We got very plugged in, but our faith was mostly service-based and still lacked a personal relationship with Christ. A turning point for me was when I started BSF and my first study was on Romans. I just felt so convicted and I began the journey of turning my life toward Jesus. That was about the same time we came to CPC, and we found such rich teaching here. I’m so grateful that Jesus is the center of my life.

How do you feel God has enabled you to use your passions and gifts?

In my career in the financial services industry, I strategically and collaboratively led both divisions and companies. This enabled me to live out my passion to help other people develop their own God-given skills and talents. In 2006 I was lucky enough to change careers and find a new place to lead—TreeHouse. It was a blessing to use the skills I had honed over the years to lead, develop, and empower my staff to live out their passions. As I was leaving TreeHouse in 2016, I really felt God prompting me to work with other nonprofits to help them develop their strategy and the funds they need to do their mission, so I’ve been consulting. I’m also using my gifts to coach and mentor young women.

What is your role on the Elder Board?

This is my second year, and I’m on the Personnel Committee. I enjoy interacting with staff, praying for them, and building them up in any way I can. The elders most recently asked me to chair the Transition Team.

What excites you about the future of CPC?

God has blessed this church mightily over the last sixty years with incredible resources, including two strong, faithful senior pastors, amazing lay leaders, and a congregation committed to serving Jesus locally and all over the world. I’m excited now to see the unfolding of God’s plan for CPC. This season of transition is about much more than finding the right person to lead—it is about fulfilling God’s mission for CPC.

What has God been teaching you lately?

Lately, I’ve been spending my time gathering all the co-chairs for the seven committees of the transition team. In1 Corinthians 12. God is reminding me that the body is not one member, but many in Christ. This church is filled with amazing talent. God has wired people with incredible gifts, and many of them are willing and able to serve in a big way right now. I love teamwork and collaboration, and I am excited to begin engaging with these teams, the staff, and the entire congregation as we move forward with full confidence in Jesus, the author and sustainer of our faith and of the story of this beautiful church.

husband, Dale; daughters, Katie (Jim) and Kelsey (Whit); grandkids: Jack(10), Ainslie(3), Connor(2), and one due in October; 2 granddogs

biking, walking, trying to golf! Spending time with family and friends and loving my time being Grandma—a total joy!

Love Does by Bob Goff

salty chips and oatmeal raisin cookies