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Andy’s Story

Finding A Place To Be Known

Tell us about your connection to CPC.

I was married at CPC in 1999, but I was working as a youth pastor until 2005 at a different church, so we weren’t worshiping here. Our initial connection to CPC occurred when The Table was meeting here, because Sunday nights worked well for our family. But CPC has been a consistent home for us for years now, and our kids have been actively involved in leading and serving with kids and students.

You reached out to Cory Gregory [Senior Director of Engagement] over a year ago. What prompted this?

I was feeling a complacency in my life. I was looking for something—but to be honest, I didn’t know what I was looking for. I knew I wanted to have a higher level of engagement with other men, but I didn’t know what it might look like at CPC. I’ve worked with non-profit and with para-church organizations, so I have a lot of connections. And I have plenty of friends. But I realized I didn’t have this at church; I wasn’t intentionally growing at CPC.

How did this correlate with what Cory and James [Pastor of Groups] were thinking?

Cory and James both recognized the same felt need that I was speaking of. They’d had some similar conversations with others guys, and they were able to give words to the desire I had to experience more authentic relationships with other men here at CPC.

And then COVID hit.

Yeah. Most of us mark Sunday, March 15 as the start of shutdown: we knew church wasn’t happening in person, kids were shifting to distance learning, most of us were working at home. It’s crazy to think that just earlier that week Cory, James, and about five other men had shared dinner together to brainstorm about what we might do for the men at church. But despite the circumstances of the pandemic, we continued to meet, though we didn’t know how or when our ideas would become reality.

So what are your hopes?

Our goal is not to get back to the Men’s Breakfasts of yore—though many found great meaning in those experiences. I think men really struggle to admit their need, to be transparent and say they are lonely, that they want to connect. So our plan this summer is to host three gatherings that simply help guys meet guys. And for some, to simply step back onto CPC’s campus! The pandemic has physically distanced us from so many things—we have new rhythms and ways of doing things. So as people emerge from the limitations and boundaries we’ve lived with for over a year, we want to offer some events that help guys emerge toward something. To a place where they are known.

CPC Men’s Summer Series

June 23 • July 21 • August 18
6:00-8:00PM at CPC

Join us one Wednesday a month this summer for food trucks, fellowship, and a short inspirational message. No need to register; just show up—and bring a friend!