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Anders’ Story

My family has been a part of CPC for three generations now. I was baptized here and grew up at CPC. I’ve always loved Wednesday nights, and starting in middle school I found a lot of meaning in really diving into topics that were personal to me. During Commitment Class we filled out a packet that helped us reflect on what we believe. I was dreading it a little bit—it took more than four hours—but I actually loved it. Even though my hand was sore from writing, and my back was aching from arching over on the floor, I felt at peace . . . like I was in the presence of God.

I’ve formed such a deep bond with my TEN12 group. We are so open with each other. That’s been really cool, because at school, conversations about Jesus just don’t take place. It’s the best part of TEN12: connecting with other people my age who share my values and faith.

I started meaningfully praying at least once a day a bit over a year ago. It’s been very helpful to have that consistency whether I’m on top of the world and filled with joy, or having a really crappy day. When I’m struggling, it’s really helped to turn to God, to find peace in Him, and be reminded that I am worth loving. When I started praying, it was for success, but it gradually evolved to something better. One of my prayers is, “Lord, help me to spread your Word and your love, to treat others as I want to be treated and as you want me to treat them, and to live my life for you.”

That’s what I get to do when serving with Kids’ Ministries on Sundays and Wednesday nights. I show God’s love by playing with kindergarten-1st graders and sharing God’s Word with them. It’s really special to help kids start their journey of faith, to teach about Jesus and what He wants for us, and to create a fun and safe environment for them. It’s rewarding to feel that I’m making a difference through the personal connections I have with these young kids and to know that I am living the way that God wants me to.

I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to continue to serve, even in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s such a difficult time for so many people; we really need connection with others and connection to our faith. There are definitely some days when I just came from a ski race, I might have a test the next day, or I’ve just been busy and I need some time to breathe, and I think, Maybe I shouldn’t serve tonight. And then I go anyway, and it’s like, How did it even cross my mind that it might not be the right idea to go? It’s an experience that’s so worthwhile. I think everyone should serve with Kids’ Ministries at least once. Try it with a friend—Sunday school always needs the help. Give it a chance and there’s a good possibility you’ll get hooked on it! Serving has brought a new process of defining my own faith and carrying it out on my own. When I’m helping out at church with the kids, it’s just amazing. I feel at peace, like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

Anders is a Junior at Breck High School.