Boldly extending the invitation Jesus makes to us, to everyone.

Lindsey’s Story

Flourishing Faith: Mission Trip to Israel I used to watch CPC commission people to go… Keep Reading

Becky’s Story

Tell us a little bit about your faith journey. I grew up in a family… Keep Reading

Dare to Share

Telling how Jesus’ story changed our story requires vulnerability. Jesus always pointed people to who… Keep Reading

Look & Listen

Discerning the realities of a broken world and how God is drawing others to Him…. Keep Reading

Open Table

Including and inviting others (especially strangers) to the places you eat, drink, and celebrate. Jesus… Keep Reading

Begin with Prayer

Prayer makes us aware of God’s presence and reminds us of our dependence on Him…. Keep Reading

Emi’s Story

I grew up in a Christian family in Romania. Romania is 98% Eastern Orthodox, and… Keep Reading

Chuck’s Story

I’ve always had Christ in my life. It means a lot to me that I… Keep Reading

Ken’s Story

  I grew up Lutheran. We went to church all the time as a family, and… Keep Reading

Christelle’s Story

My mom was Catholic, and she passed away when I was young. But as I… Keep Reading

Chris’ Story

  My family has always gone to CPC—we go every Sunday. But I also started… Keep Reading

Amanda’s Story

I was raised by parents who loved the Lord and taught me about Jesus. When you… Keep Reading