Boldly extending the invitation Jesus makes to us, to everyone.

Jen’s Story

Community: Reminding Us That Jesus Matters I have a messy faith background. Religion, from a… Keep Reading

Colette’s Story

Pursuing an Irresistible Call I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, where we… Keep Reading

Belonging to an Irresistible Community

In an age of isolation, belonging to community has become more essential than ever for… Keep Reading

Samantha’s Story

This past summer I was obsessed with church. I went to Rockslide [summer camp for… Keep Reading

Scott’s Story

I’ve been coming to CPC since I was a year and a half. I got… Keep Reading

Aaron’s Story

I grew up in Canada in a household where my dad is East Indian and… Keep Reading

Janice’s Story

I just love this church, where I have opportunities to be the hands and feet… Keep Reading

Jill’s Story

I grew up in Iowa, in a family where we went to church every Sunday…. Keep Reading

Tim’s Story

I grew up in a Catholic family that went to church every Sunday, but we were… Keep Reading

Staff Spotlight: Erica

HOMETOWN: Savage, MN FAMILY: husband, Matt (married 1 year) HOBBIES: baking, playing games, having coffee… Keep Reading

Staff Spotlight: Deb

HOMETOWN: Edina FAMILY: husband, Jon; sons Anders (18), Peter (17), and Jonas (13) HOBBIES: Walking… Keep Reading

Staff Spotlight: Courtney

HOMETOWN: East Troy, WI FAMILY: husband, Josh (married 13 years); son, Harrison (9), daughter, Evelyn… Keep Reading