Spiritual Gifts Inventory

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. – 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

For each question, rate your answer as follows:

5 - This is definitely true of me
4 - This is sometimes true of me
3 - I’m unsure if this is true of me
2 - This is not really true of me
1 - This is definitely not true of me

There are 60 questions below – please answer all of them for the most accurate assessment.

I like to organize facts, people, or events
When working on a project, it’s easy for me to see next steps in a process to solve problems
I am easily frustrated by disorganization
I am always looking for more efficient ways to do something
I like to be careful and thorough in handling details
I like to counsel people on a short-term basis
People tell me I’m a good listener
I often see attributes or gifts in others that they are slow to recognize in themselves
I tend to have more faith in people than they have in themselves
In stressful situations, I am often able to make suggestions or give perspective that others find helpful
I frequently think about people who do not have a relationship with Jesus
I can comfortably talk about my faith with others in a way that makes them comfortable as well
I enjoy many friendships outside the faith community
I get excited about sharing the good news of Jesus with others
I find it interesting to wrestle with questions that challenge Christianity
I firmly believe that God is active in our lives
My personal experiences help me believe in the power of faith
I am able to believe that God is faithful even in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties
Sometimes I sense that God is orchestrating an idea or project, and I find it easy to support it even if others have doubts.
I believe deeply in the power of prayer and am aware of God’s presence in my life
I often give generously and joyfully
I am resourceful in finding ways to free up my resources to help others
I find joy and purpose in giving of my financial resources to benefit others
I feel comfortable and have success with approaching others to give of their resources
I tend to manage my money well, often basing financial decisions on what will be made available for giving
I tend to notice and assist with practical tasks that need to be done
As I do routine tasks, I feel a spiritual link to the ministries or people I serve
I would rather be responsible for set tasks than be involved in overall leadership decisions
I receive satisfaction through quietly serving others
I prefer to work behind the scenes and often avoid public recognition for what I do
I love to create appealing environments for people
I am more concerned whether my guests feel welcome than whether my house is clean
I feel comfortable around strangers and care deeply about how my church welcomes them
I can make all kinds of people feel welcome
I feel fulfilled when I can open my home to others for food and/or conversation
I like to recruit and lead people towards a common goal or mission
I frequently accept responsibility in group settings where leadership is required
People under my leadership typically trust me and sense we are headed in a good direction
I enjoy being responsible for the success of the group
When necessary, I can make unpopular decisions and work through the disagreements that follow
I empathize with hurting people and naturally enter into a healing process with them
I look for ways to help the unfortunate and downtrodden
I get upset when others are hurt, displaced, or rejected, and I want to reach out to them
I tend to see each person as someone who deeply matters to God
I enjoy conveying the grace of God to those who feel guilt or shame
I can often assess where people are at spiritually and look for ways to help them take their next step
I have compassion for those who seem to be getting off track, and I long to see them come back to faith
I like to see people form long-term, in-depth spiritual relationships
I enjoy helping others grow in their faith
I would enjoy nurturing or caring for a group of people over a period of time
People often come to me with questions about the Bible and faith
When I listen to someone teaching, I often think of new or better ways to present the material
I am passionate about helping others understand and apply God’s truth to their lives
I genuinely love studying the Bible
When I communicate with others, they tend to be motivated to learn more about the Bible and faith in God
People often come to me for advice about personal and spiritual matters
Tough decisions seem to come easier to me than to others
I am known for my depth of understanding and insights into complex matters
I seem to find simple solutions in the midst of difficult decisions
I find it easy to apply the truths found in the Bible