Holy Week & Easter

We hope you join us for Holy Week. Click below for Livestreams of our services.

Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter Livestream

Holy Week & Easter Information

We are so excited to celebrate the Risen King. Learn more information below on how you can join us.

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday • April 6 • 7:00PM*

Good Friday • April 7 • 7:00PM*

Saturday Prayer Vigil • 6:00AM-5:00PM • Sign up

Stations of the Cross • Monday-Friday • Great Room

*Childcare is offered for kids birth-5 years.

Easter Sunday

Sunrise Service • 6:00AM • partially outside
Traditional • 8:00AM*
Traditional • 9:10AM*
Contemporary • 10:30AM*
Contemporary • 11:40AM*

*Childcare is offered for kids birth-5 years.
If you can’t make it in-person, join us online!

Lent Resources

All books can be ordered through Pathway by giving them a call at (952) 848-0564.

30,000 Foot Overview
10,000 Foot Overview
In the Details
  • Paul Tripp, Devotional Book, Journey to the Cross
  • Tsh Oxenreider, Book, Bitter and Sweet

Easter Offering

CPC is partnering with Opportunity International Colombia this year to launch The Graduation Model, an innovative, research-backed initiative that will serve households living in ultra-poverty.

What does ultra-poverty look like in Cartagena, Colombia?

  • a person lives on less than $2/day
  • food needs are chronically unmet; families are choosing 1 or 2 meals a day, or choosing who in the family is able to eat
  • housing usually includes a dirt floor, no running water or toilets
  • work is unstable; many are day-laborers
  • many individuals are refugees from Venezuela

What our partners at OI Colombia have discovered is that traditional interventions (such as micro-finance and savings groups) do not address the deeper level of poverty that is faced by families in this category. The Graduation Model was designed specifically to meet the needs of these households.

Give to Easter Offering