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Home is…

by John Crosby, Pastor Emeritus 

We’re starting off this fall thinking about home. Home is a word loaded with an array of images and emotions—whether it’s the thought of a childhood home or lake home or nursing home; coming home or leaving home; inviting people into our home or finding our way back home. What comes to your mind? Laura and I joke that we’re so different because our homes were so different. She was raised in a loving Leave it to Beaver home, and I was trying to escape The Simpsons!

I have often felt far from home. Even after I began to follow Jesus, I remember never feeling “at home” in churches. Then one day I slipped in early and anonymously into the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church of Boulder. There was a cellist playing Bach, and it was dimly lit and quiet. The pastor got up and made me feel welcome and talked about a Jesus “filled with grace and truth,” who wanted to live with us. And I felt . . . at home.

That’s what we want for you to experience here at CPC! But it doesn’t stop there. We want you to continue to share the warmth of home with others—whether in your kitchen or in the church’s new Commons. Join us this September in worship as together we explore what it means to live BOLD—so you can extend an invitation to others who don’t know what they’re missing!