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You’ve Been Egged!


Egging someone’s house is usually frowned upon, but THIS way will bring big smiles!

  1. Pick someone to invite to CPC for Easter service this year—maybe it’s a neighbor, a family member, or a friend who doesn’t have a church home of their own.
  2. Register for a YOU’VE BEEN EGGED! Kit. Remember—this kit isn’t for your family—it’s to bless someone else!
  3. Pick up your kit between March 20–April 10 at Family Check-In.
  4. Deliver your kit before Easter Sunday, April 17, in time for them to consider coming to CPC.
  5. Hide the specially-prepared numbered eggs from the kit in their front yard, hang the kit bag on their front door, or place it on their front step where they can see it, then follow up to let them know you delivered a surprise to their yard!

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