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Sunday Summer Community


Where: Westview


Meet and connect with other CPCers in a discussion-oriented study led by our pastors. Each week is a stand-alone topic from Skye Jethani’s book What If Jesus Was Serious About the Church? Skye looks at what the Bible really says about the church, its purpose, and the impact of its modern captivity to consumer values. It is not necessary to read the book to attend, but we encourage everyone to pick it up as one of your summer reads! We look forward to having you join us as your summer schedule allows.

Visit Pathway to pick-up your book!

Parents: Kid Care (Birth – 5th grade) is available. Please check your kid(s) in at Family Check-In at the designated COMM@10 KIDS Kiosk before taking your infant or toddler to the Nursery, Preschoolers to Rm 116, and K-5th to MPR (the gym). If you are only attending the 10:00 hour, please PICK-UP NO LATER than 10:55 to allow teachers to prepare for the next class. If your child (birth – preschool) is staying for the 11:00 hour, they can remain in the classroom. If your elementary student will be attending the 11:00 class, please pick them up and take them to service with you. They will be dismissed at the appropriate time, and you can pick them up at the conclusion of service.