Last Words–Memorial Service Planning & Writing Your Own Obituary Workshop


Where: Westview


What a gift it is to your family and loved ones to have your memorial service planned and your obituary written before you pass away. Not only does it allow your loved ones the space to grieve at a time when that is most needed, but it also gives them peace in knowing that the memorial service is one that truly reflects the wishes, character, and spirit of the loved one who died. This workshop will be filled with practical ideas on how to get started, tangible resources for music and scriptures to include in a service, and a template to begin writing out a memorial service. There will also be an interview with a member of the CPC community who has gone through the process of both planning a service and writing an obituary. This interactive workshop will allow ample time for questions and answers.

Facilitated by Sarah Norton, CPC Care & Events Manager, and Jon Good, CPC Pastor of Care Ministries

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