Displaced People Journeys

CPC’s 2022 Christmas offering will go to support housing for displaced people living in the Twin Cities through two local mission partners:

Arrive Ministries Housing Fund: Arrive is a resettlement agency that works alongside local churches to welcome refugees and immigrants to Minnesota. The Housing Fund with Arrive covers security deposits, refurbishing homes, supplemental rent, moving truck rentals.

International Association for Refugees’ Jonathan House: IAFR helps people survive and recover from forced displacement. Jonathan House is a set of two homes that offer safe, stable housing for asylum seekers in the Twin Cities. The Jonathan House gift will be used for monthly support for 9 current residents and expansion to a third Jonathan House site.

As a way to understand the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, we invite you to reflectively engage their respective journeys below. Consider how it may feel to be in their shoes, to face impossible decisions, to confront extreme vulnerability, and to hold onto hope for a better future.

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