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Connecting with the Spirit

Do you feel busy? Like you’re always plugged in? Always connected to work, family, friends, but maybe not to God?  In 2018, it can be difficult to sit in the quiet, to listen well, and to see the Spirit at work in our lives. These practices are here to help you find ways to better connect with the Holy Spirit in your life this summer and beyond.

Journal Conversationally

Use two different colored pens and a journal to try to clarify “who’s talking” during your prayer times. Record your thoughts in one color, and what you think you’re hearing from God in the other.

Find a “thin space”

Celtic Christians believed that there are places where the layer separating heaven and earth is thin, places where God’s presence can be more easily felt. This might be a patio chair in your backyard, a bench at a nearby lake, a quiet coffee shop, or a room in your house. Identify a “thin space” and find ten minutes to sit in God’s presence.

Set a Clear Signal

Light a candle, put a “do not disturb” sign on your door, or use another signal to indicate to yourself and your housemates that you’re taking intentional time to listen to the Spirit.

Reflect on Scripture

Find a Bible passage to read. Notice how God might be speaking to you through His Word. Take time to dwell on a word or phrase that catches your attention. Let your heart respond to God in prayer.

Create or Enjoy Art

The creative process opens up space for the Spirit to enter in and speak to you through drawing, listening to or making music, or dancing. Find calm and openness through creating or appreciating art.

Practice Refocusing

When you’re trying to sit and listen, your mind is bound to wander. Keep a pad of paper nearby to jot down a to-do list or other thoughts that pop into your head. Then mentally set those thoughts aside and return to listening.

See God in Nature

Begin a walk by asking God to speak through the beauty of His creation. Clear your mind by focusing on the details of creation to allow space for God to speak to you.