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Acts of the Spirit

by Petey Crowder

Acts is the story of the Holy Spirit’s work in the life of the Early Church. It’s a story that begins with Jesus imploring His earliest followers to seek and receive the power of God through His Holy Spirit. And it’s a story that ends with Paul in a Roman jail as the Gospel spreads to thousands of people in virtually every corner of the known world. One catalytic moment—when the Spirit of God shows up as a mighty, rushing wind to empower each and every Jesus follower—sets off a movement. What follows are moments of celebration, moments of healing, moments of near disaster, and moments where it felt like it could all fall apart. Yet along every step of the journey, God’s Spirit was blowing.

The Holy Spirit of God works to draw people to Jesus, and then includes them in God’s extended-family-on-mission, the Church. It was happening in the book of Acts, and it’s still happening today. He speaks to our soul, just as He spoke to Lydia, Peter, Cornelius, Priscilla and Aquila, Paul and others, and invites us to join Him in big, but mostly small, ways.

As you find yourself, like many Minnesotans, outdoors this summer, pay attention to the wind. Whether you’re in your yard, on the lake, at your cabin, or just out for a walk, feel the wind and let it remind you that God’s Spirit is at work in your life and in the world. Let it be nourishment for your soul, reminding you that you are not alone, that you walk with God, and God lives inside of you. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”- @peteycrowder”]God’s Spirit is always wooing your soul and remaking you into the image of Jesus Christ. Look for moments when His presence feels close. [/inlinetweet]Then let us follow the Holy Spirit’s lead and walk with boldness into the lives God has for us.


Petey Crowder joined CPC in 2017 as Pastor of Adult Ministries. Petey always enjoys getting to know new CPCers and connecting them to opportunities for community.  Petey holds a master’s in ministry leadership from George Fox and is earning a D. Min. in contextual theology from Northern. He joined staff in 2017.